We shoot

Do you remember those times, when the only way how to capture your special moments was to shoot it on a film?
A time when there was no instant playback on a display. And how amazing was it to get your film back from the lab an seeing what you have shot?
When a video from your holiday was something more then a zeroes and ones stored in a cloud?
We are bringing it back!


We love to shoot on analogue

Maybe we needed some kind of a new inspiration. Maybe we were not satysfied with the sterility produced by digital cameras. Or maybe we're just a couple of hipsters...
It all started when we went for our holiday after a long wedding season. And we only bring our 35mm analogue camera and a bunch of films with us. We didn't have to worry about battiers, SD cards or even taking this camera into a storm. In the end we had 72 lovely pictures instead of 9999 digital ones that no one wants to go through!

#1 Home-made chemicals

First thing we have learned was that still many labs are able to develop 16mm and 35mm. But... only very few will process 8mm.

So we learned the whole process!

#3 KODAK super 8mm film cartridges

We shoot on a professional Kodak film stocks - Vision-3 50D, 500T and black and white Tri-X. Did you know that this is a same material as 35mm format used by famous hollywood directors?


#5 Rent Super-8 for a honeymoon

These cameras are very easy to operate. So if you are planning a honeymoon or a holiday trip, we can rent you one of our cameras.


One of the biggest problem of shooting analogue these days is not only in the chemical processing, but also in creating digital scans from the film.

That is why we have decided to build our own 8mm scanner in 4K resolution!

super 8 mm wedding video camera


These cameras are small, easy to shoot and beautiful. We have a lot of them. From very small and light amateur Canon 310 XL, 514 XL, 814 XL-S to a much more professional Leica Leicina.


#6 What's next?

16 mil! We are starting to play with our new/old Bolex H16 and cannot wait to shoot with this beauty. Who is in?